Lingerie dentelle : découvrez nos pièces de créateur

Lace lingerie: discover our designer pieces

If lace goes so well with our lingerie, it's because we only see advantages in it! Absolutely essential in our lingerie drawer, delicate, refined and highly coveted, it underlines our femininity to perfection and to top it off: it can be transformed as desired, available in all shapes and colors. Durable, easy to maintain, as well suited to special occasions as for everyday life... Our lace lingerie is a real chameleon... Luxury! This sure value which adapts perfectly to all styles, we use it as much to create a romantic and delicate silhouette as to spice up the look with a touch of sensuality.

If 400-year-old lace carries with it an undoubtedly old-fashioned charm, it is indeed the prerogative of modern women, women who dare and who take pleasure in wrapping their curves in pretty materials which rest on the skin like a caress. At ICONE , we share a passion for beautiful materials that we work with all the delicacy they deserve in order to create designer pieces that are infinitely refined, elegant and respectful of the curves that will accommodate them.

Embark with us in the world of our house creating pieces of fine and contemporary lingerie, lace underwear which contains within them an (almost) magical power: that of sublimating the body of those who adorn themselves with it.

Lace and fine lingerie: the ideal combination

We are convinced that fine lingerie necessarily requires the use of refined materials. Lace has a secret asset, an irresistibly old-fashioned asset: it tells stories. Yes, lace lingerie transmits emotions.

The incredible history of lace

Did you know ? Lace celebrated its 400th anniversary and it is clear that this great lady has not aged a bit. Created in Venice in the 16th century, it was Catherine de Medici who opened the doors of the Royal Court of France to it.

At first strictly intended for men of the clergy, lace gradually began to become part of the wardrobe of members of the royal family. At the time, lace remained subject to sumptuary laws. By exclusively adorning the outfits of people from high society, lace conveyed an image of wealth and refinement before being democratized throughout history.

Did you get the hang of the story? Previously intended only for men of the clergy, it now adorns the most daring and feminine lingerie of the 21st century . It is also for this ambivalent connotation: sometimes pure and innocent, sometimes for its accents full of charm and sensuality that we love so much to dress our fine lingerie with lace.

It's a subtle way, our way at least, of dressing women with the omnipotence that is their due.

The thousand and one reasons to give in to the temptation of lace lingerie

A true self-esteem booster, our fine lace lingerie evokes grace, self-confidence, the respect we have for ourselves and finally, simply, the taste, the pleasure of being a woman. A true symbol of assertive femininity, lace has always fascinated by its perfect balance between lightness and worked patterns, between sophistication and romanticism.

This material, so noble and yet somewhat intriguing, plays on us and the way we look at it. She fascinates us with her ability to reveal the body without ever showing too much, to undress and dress all at the same time.

At ICONE, we take particular care in the selection of our materials, and lace is no exception to the rule. We are committed to putting France and its exceptional craftsmanship in the spotlight, which is why we collaborate with internationally renowned lacemakers like Sophie Hallette, a true reference in the field. Do you remember Kate Middleton's wedding dress decorated with sublime lace that the whole world praised? This is once again a true work of art by Sophie Hallette.

In addition to being sufficient in itself to dress the feminine silhouette, our sumptuous lace lingerie will accompany you for many years. And the height of happiness: in addition to proving particularly resistant to the passage of time, it is easy to maintain.

Always evoking the passage of time, our lace lingerie is characterized by its timelessness. Elegance, class, grace do not know the pangs of fashions that come and go. Truly timeless, our designer lingerie has another equally enchanting power: that of being able to cross all eras and all trends without being described as “outdated”.

Finally, if you know our house and its values, you know that we share the same struggles with you, including that of inclusion. Our lace lingerie is imagined, designed and dreamed of for all women of all styles and body shapes. Only one condition is required: that of loving fine lingerie, pleasure lingerie, that of loving being a woman.

Whether you have voluptuous shapes, a slender silhouette, a discreet chest or particularly defined curves: you are beautiful and our lace lingerie is here to remind you of that.

Lace lingerie adapts to the daily life of modern women

Since its birth and over the course of customs, lace has adapted to the rhythm and lifestyle of women.

In addition to being endowed with undeniable aesthetic advantages, lace is now combined with just the right amount of elastane to blend perfectly with the curves of the body in order to offer you a second skin effect that is difficult to ignore. pass.

It is precisely this feeling of wearing nothing, of merging with your lingerie that is at the heart of the ICONE creative philosophy. Imagining such intimate pieces cannot go without a celebration of women, without active listening to their daily needs, their desires, without infinite respect for their body and their freedom to move and exist, the fruit of so much of past battles.

To reconcile women to simply being "women", to encourage them to dare, to allow them to take a confident approach, because they have the right to do so and are legitimate to do so, the philosophy and the way of creating lingerie must evolve.

The “object woman” has no reason to exist in our creative house. On the contrary, our lace lingerie , far from being a simple useful and/or beauty accessory, becomes an extension of your body, of your femininity. Our lace bras, stockings and bodysuits follow you in every movement and challenge.

Elastane, therefore, for optimal fit. But if you are already a fan of our brand, you know how much our team of creative fairies loves to play and combine beautiful materials. How about a triangle bra mixing semi-opaque tulle with floral lace for a refreshing and romantic note?

With each collection, you are offered a veritable festival of refined materials that come alive on a wide chromatic palette. Tulle, embroidery, lace... Are in the spotlight at ICONE!

Finally and always with the desire anchored in our art to offer you pieces that respect your body, all our panties are designed in GOTS-labeled organic cotton. We owe the best to your privacy, which is why we have selected excellence: cotton excluding any chemical input, dye or additive and respecting strict environmental and toxicological criteria.

Lace lingerie: real designer pieces accessible to all icons

At the origin of ICONE, there is this audacious bet to combine noble materials and affordable prices with the objective of making available to all women living with the times, daring and in search of effortless, the possibility to access designer pieces. The bet was met, it still is and will continue to be.

Our lace bras as an ode to freedom

Our Parisian brand enjoys deconstructing the traditional codes of ultra-sophisticated designer lingerie, which it spices up with contemporary graphic cuts, combinations of materials, clever plays on transparency, a bit daring, always elegant, like the icon in all its splendor.

Like a pretty postcard, our often renewed collections embody a universe in its own right. Our bras in delicate, expertly crafted lace in a natural shade were influenced by the world of nymphs and their mystical aura.

Sometimes French, sometimes Italian, the lace enhances our bras which hug the chest without ever oppressing it, leaving it with a pretty natural curve which comes alive as you move.

Still in this spirit of “fit and freedom of movement, lace combines nicely with a ruffled basque particularly appreciated by the great contemporary romantics.

Are you looking for an outfit for a formal, romantic evening or simply to respond to a particular desire to express all your femininity? Put on black tailored pants, a matching blazer and let the pretty lace of your bra show. You can complete your look with stilettos to lengthen the silhouette or with sneakers that will assert your modern style, a style that does not fit into any box, a style that belongs to you and that resembles you.

Matching stockings for all tastes and body shapes

Always in a desire to meet all your needs but also to correspond to this great plurality of styles and tastes which make up all the richness of today's femininity, we try to offer lace lingerie stockings in each collection. diverse and varied without any compromise on quality.

Sportswear fans will undoubtedly appreciate our panties and shorties designed in soft microfiber, ideally fitted and always adorned with refined finishes such as lace inserts. And since the main thing is in the details, our lingerie stockings are designed so that they blend in with your silhouette and leave no mark on the pants.

Of course, our other icons will not be left out and will find their happiness in our tangas in floral lace, ruffled or not, more or less minimalist.

Depending on the patterns and lace work, our designer lingerie will subtly reveal some nuances of your skin texture.

You will have understood, our lace lingerie is constantly reinvented according to your desires and our inspirations do not intend to correspond to any stylistic standard. It is refined and flighty, light and sophisticated, romantic and fine, contemporary and a bit outdated, it is you, it is yours and it will never cease to surprise you.
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