Les soutiens-gorges pour petites poitrines : triangle, bandeau, balconnet…

Bras for small breasts: triangle, bandeau, balconette, etc.

For millennia, female beauty has continued to be redefined: boyish, skinny, busty, retro, romantic... If for a long time, women with generous breasts have fascinated men and women alike, the arrival at the forefront of the scene of Jane Birkin, symbol of purity and grace, helped to redefine beauty standards. What if beauty ultimately only really resided in the eyes of the beholder? In any case, that’s what we believe in.

If this article is particularly aimed at women revealing small breasts, it in no way excludes other women. Isn't the important thing to wear underwear that we like, that suits our tastes to make us feel beautiful and ready to face the world?

Before you even start looking for a bra for small breasts , make sure you know your bust and cup size. Indeed, by praising women who are natural and free in their movements, the creator of ICON intends to offer underwear that ideally hugs your feminine curves without masking or suffocating them. With our triangle bras and other pieces belonging to fine lingerie and swimwear, we want to encourage women to love their natural body, its fullness, its hairlines, its roughness, its history.

As you will have understood, creating comfortable and inclusive underwear for all women will always be ICONE 's priority .

The essential bra models suitable for small breasts

It is not always easy to select a bra when you have a small chest. However, we all want to find the ideal piece to enhance the shape of our breasts without compromising on everyday comfort.

The iconic triangle bra for small breasts

If our bras come in different models to highlight small breasts, the triangle bra remains the benchmark in this area.

The underwired triangle bra hugs the shape of your breast and celebrates well-being and freedom of body and mind. While allowing you to show off a natural neckline, it ensures optimal comfort for the whole day. This model brings a real breath of lightness and exquisite sensuality: you fully embrace your figure and you are right! This type of bra for small breasts is suitable for women looking for delicacy and softness.

The underwired triangle bra is undeniably the most comfortable shape. That being said, our underwired triangle bras offer the chest a rounder, more voluptuous shape without padding. Our underwires have been designed in such a way that they allow the bra to fit your chest perfectly.

Generally equipped with thin straps, the triangle bra with or without underwire has nothing to envy of the traditional push-up. ICONE offers you models adorned with more or less opaque lace that subtly reveals the skin for an irresistible seductive effect.

Despite everything, the bra for small breasts also knows how to be discreet by not revealing any marks under clothing worn close to the body.

Finally, the triangle bra , a real favorite of the brand, stands out as a piece of fine lingerie for pleasure. We wear it to look good, to feel beautiful, different, to dare, to assert ourselves.

A bandeau bra or a skin-deep bralette

Particularly popular during the summer period, these two models go perfectly with a little dress or a strapless top leaving the shoulders bare.

The bandeau bra and the bra adapt particularly well to discreet breasts and prove to be real boosters of femininity. By revealing your shoulders and, depending on your clothes, your upper back, certain sublime lines are revealed, starting with those that run along your collarbone or come to life as you move your shoulder blades.

Like the triangle bra, the bandeau is a curve enhancer. And like all ICONE creations, it has been designed in such a way that it does not hinder your freedom of movement. It settles on your chest, envelops it without oppressing it. Discretion, support and comfort guaranteed!

ICONE has no equal when it comes to combining comfort and femininity. Whether you choose a bralette or a bandeau embellished with lace subtly playing on the effect of transparency, you will appreciate the stretchy materials just enough, soft, comfortable, which hug the curves without being felt. Our skin-deep bralettes are true allies of your hectic daily lives.

Balconette and half-cup bras for a pretty natural curve

Very elegant and seductive, this model of small bust bra offers a pretty, subtly rounded natural curve to your chest.

Imbued with the distinctive ICONE style, our balconette and demi bras celebrate natural, unadorned femininity.

The horizontal, open neckline combines with optimal comfort. The demi-cup bra and its push-up shape have the particularity of slightly enhancing the chest while the balconette model is slightly more fitted. The chest owes its perfect rounding to the fine vertical seam located in the center of the cups.

At ICONE, we design lingerie pieces for all women. Thus, and contrary to popular belief, our demi-cup and balconette bras are perfectly accessible to women with discreet breasts. How could it be otherwise? By emphasizing this area of ​​the body, our pieces of fine and highly crafted lingerie necessarily make it more visible.

Drawing its inspiration from the greatest symbols of femininity characterized by their natural beauty, the ultra creative team of the Parisian house imagines bras in transparent French tulle embroidered with flowers which, once worn, offer you a luminous aura, a of those with which the nymphs are presented.

The irresistible strapless bra

As suitable for small breasts as for more voluptuous ones, the strapless bra can be worn according to tastes, desires and occasions. This exceptional piece outlines the lines of the bust and offers a rounded and ideally curved neckline.

With or without straps, most often accompanied by underwires, the strapless bra is distinguished by its elegant shape. Enhanced with embroidered or lace finishes, it charmingly reveals a nonchalant and perfectly assumed femininity.

If you want to give a more imposing shape to your chest, we advise you to favor prints, voluminous finishes such as embroidery or ruffles, colorful models... this will provide the desired optical illusion. However, the most important thing is to embrace your chest, whatever its size, whatever its shape.

The bra for small breasts: an infinitely delicate piece

If other fashion houses generally present their new collections twice a year at the change of season, it is completely different for the French house ICONE. Marion, the creator, in total fusion with her creative team imagines and creates according to her inspirations which they draw from feminine desires and desires.

Noble materials that respect the female body

French lace, organic cotton, silk, plant fiber or even microfiber... The ICONE house plays with materials and textures that it assembles, combines and merges with audacity and talent. Our target ? You, women, in your entirety and complexity: from the most dynamic to the most peaceful, from the most nomadic to the most sedentary. Our small bust bras: triangle, balconette, bandeau and all the others illustrate the plurality of tastes, personalities, and femininity too. Every woman can be highlighted by wearing ICONE lingerie so that each woman in her own way can display all the sensuality that is her own.

The result of an association between absolute refinement, a few touches of renewed audacity and retro reminiscences, the bra collections are an ode to femininity, whatever it may be.

Prototyped by hand by our little seamstress fairies, each piece results from the know-how of our trusted service providers mixed with the nobility of 100% French materials. In addition to revealing to the women who wear them their power of seduction and the beauty of their curves, our creations are designed in compliance with strict standards of respect for the environment and humans. In search of new responsible initiatives, we collaborate with expert and OEKOTEX-certified suppliers and have brought all of our production sites closer together to limit our environmental footprint. Our true passion for beautiful materials has also led us to seek excellence in this area and this excellence is often found… In France! We work with renowned artisans such as lacemaker Sophie Hallette, an international reference in the art of French lace and tulle.

This lingerie, always refined, sometimes daring, is made from noble materials in order to envelop your curves with an incomparable feeling of softness and optimal everyday comfort.

We remain convinced that other eco-responsible alternatives exist. We continue and will continue to imagine pieces that are ever more respectful of your body, your health but also of the environment and humans in their entirety.

With or without underwire, plain or patterned, triangle or half-cup bras... The numerous finishes and aesthetic details with which we adorn our small chest bras , the diversity of the models created meet the requirements, expectations, and desires assumed or more buried, sometimes not yet realized or verbalized, of all women.

A true ode to women

ICONE lingerie pieces were designed by women for today's women.

Women are sacred to ICONE through their infinite courage, their divine curves, their past history, their current struggles and their future issues. So and in this way, she deserves quality lingerie, lingerie that embraces her shapes, lingerie like a surge of tenderness, like a comforting presence and perfectly adapted to her daily life.

The ICONE bra cannot prevent you from acting and moving. On the contrary, it blends into the skin, into the person who wears it, it is incarnated in them.

The icons are confident women, proud to wear pieces that they have selected according to their tastes and not, solely according to their curves. By choosing a bra that you like and in which you feel beautiful, you will give the impression that this model was created for you. And it is precisely on this self-confidence and the printing of tailor-made lingerie or swimwear pieces that the ICONE philosophy is based.

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