With or without underwiring, Icone above all praises the natural feminine


More than fame, more than glory, being an icon is first and foremost an aura. Something unspeakable, metaphysical beyond the physical. She is a woman reconciled with the fact of “being a woman”, precisely.
Icons, there can be many. Farrah Fawcett. Kate Moss. Or our mother !

Icone is a real intimate manifesto for daring women in search of effortless.
Icone lingerie plays with curves and has fun deconstructing the traditional codes of lingerie.
The idea ? Sensual and comfortable models that celebrate "wellness" and that you wear as a second skin.
A universe that mixes skilful games of transparency and fresh colors… at prices that are always affordable without ever sacrificing quality.

The creator

It was after an experience in the music industry in New York that Marion Toccacieli decided to launch her brand. Back in Paris, lingerie then became obvious : “as a child, my father was the sales manager of a corsetry house, I always liked this universe”.
Icone was born in January 2014 by dreaming of comfortable, modern and affordable lingerie. a casual charm hugs the curves and desires of women. "More than anything else, Icone plays on clichés and doesn't treat women as objects," adds the Parisian, whose collections, sprinkled with casual charm, embrace women's curves and desires.


All our collections are imagined, designed, prototyped and developed by the small team of Icone Lingerie in Paris.
From the choice of materials to the small finishes, nothing is left to chance. We want the best for our customers.

You can find the details of our production in our article Our commitments.


The commitment

Since the beginning of the Icone adventure, Marion has been wondering about the fashion industry. How can we reduce our impact on the environment ? It is with conviction that over the seasons, we have offered new eco-responsible alternatives.

You can find the details of our commitments and our production in the article Our commitments.


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