Body lingerie : découvrez les bodys de la marque ICONE

Body lingerie: discover the bodysuits from the ICONE brand

Between the bra and the lingerie body , there is only one step to take and the entire silhouette is transformed. Body lingerie celebrates notions that are dear to us such as comfort, “fit well”, the freedom to move. We therefore had no choice but to honor it in our collections.

For Marion Toccacieli, comfort is an essential criterion conditioning the symbiosis of the body with our identity. We have to feel “comfortable” to embody ourselves and sometimes even release all our femininity. At ICONE, we are convinced that beauty is plural, singular, that it is in no way conditioned by one body type, thereby excluding others. Beauty is in us all, if we know how to look at it. It is therefore quite natural that we imagine and create bodysuits for all silhouettes and adapted to all styles. Women are our Muse, our icon, which is why we are constantly looking for new inspirations to meet your ever-changing tastes and needs. Black , semi-transparent bodysuits, backless bodysuits or bodysuits with dizzying necklines: you will definitely find the bodysuit of your dreams on our site.

The lingerie body: the must-have in women's wardrobe

The lingerie body is the secret agent of the wardrobe. It is a true revealer of the superpowers of the women who wear it. While historically embodying freedom of expression, the bodysuit, through its exquisite femininity and subtle sensuality, gives women what they lack to finally dare to be the best version of themselves, the one that makes them proud to be who they are.

The history of the bodysuit, an ode to ease of movement

The birth of the bodysuit dates back to the 19th century.

We owe this ultra-feminine piece to a man, a young trapeze artist named Jules Léotard. Before it was called “body”, remember, we called it: “just-in-the-body”.

The “just-in-body”, poetry within reach of words. As its name suggests, it was intended to allow trapeze artists and other gymnasts to enjoy the greatest possible freedom in the execution of their movements.

Even if it was gradually embellished with aesthetic finishes to complete the artistic performance, the bodysuit was first imagined with the sole aim of freeing expression.

The first bodysuit recognized as a piece of lingerie was worn by the icon Bettie Page in the 1950s, but it is to another emblematic figure that we owe the success we know today... Have you got it? We are of course talking about Wonder Woman and her body armor.

The years pass, the use and work of materials evolve, the body becomes a comfortable and refined piece which takes its place in our fine lingerie drawer.

In 1980, Donna Karan, an emblematic American designer of the 80s, raised the bodysuit to the top of the fashion shows, as an ode to female emancipation.

ICONE bodysuits: perfectly fitted, comfortable and versatile

Everywhere, for everyone, in all weathers, for all occasions: body lingerie , a cherished piece of freedom, hugs the feminine silhouette.

A true allegory of women, body lingerie adapts to all situations. Like you, he can do anything.

Our lingerie bodysuits have been specially designed for modern women with hectic daily lives, those who don't have time to be afraid because life doesn't wait but who, however, sometimes need to feel protected. This is why, by delicately hugging your upper body while offering it a “comfortable and reassuring wrap” our lingerie bodysuits meet your demands for freedom as well as comfort.

Designed with just the right amount of elastane and microfibers, our lingerie bodysuits fit perfectly to the silhouette and guarantee reinforced support for a radiant and confident look!

Thanks to its optimal fit, the body gives you a neat and radiant look throughout your days, even the most exhausting.

And while giving you a crazy look, the backless bodysuit is a true centerpiece of contemporary wardrobes. The design team, always actively listening to your needs, offers you nude bodysuits with a more or less plunging neckline. The backless bodysuit highlights the feminine and infinitely sensual lines such as those running along your shoulder blades. Maximize its potential by wearing it with your hair up.

Finally, if at ICONE, the woman is queen, comfort is her king. Indeed, we are convinced that a woman is never as beautiful and confident as when she feels free and respected in her clothes. Far from us the robust and restrictive structures of bodysuits from another era! ICONE lingerie bodysuits act as a second skin, as a barrier against all types of external aggressions such as friction with pants for example or other tingling sensations.

Our bodysuits are proof that you no longer have to suffer to be beautiful, and quite the opposite in fact!

They are also not just another piece of lingerie and are designed in every detail so that they can fit into your daily life. Their tanga or brief cut leaves no mark on the pants. The ultra-practical snap button system at the bottom of the panties allows you to avoid completely undressing.

Finally, ICONE bodysuits have been designed to suit all curves: voluptuous or slender, discreet or full breasts. There is and should not be any morphology requirement for wearing any clothing or underwear whatsoever.

We put all women in the spotlight, you are courage, sensuality, femininity and audacity. And our lingerie bodysuits are only spokespersons for your silent forms and which, however, have so much to say about you, your history and universal struggles.

And these personal struggles, these universal wars, the woman never wears them, never brandishes them as well as in a refined black or white bodysuit but whose signature cut of the Parisian brand alone is enough to express everything.

Designer pieces designed for today's women

ICONE bodysuits respond to a search for a sensory experience that evokes self-esteem and intimacy. Between sophistication and sensuality, discover the subtle marriage of iconic fine lingerie materials and effortless contemporary design.

Precious materials used in our designer bodysuits.

At ICONE, materials are a true source of inspiration and creation allowing us to celebrate the natural beauty of women while awakening the senses.

Our Parisian house is proof that femininity is not played out in a dizzying neckline or other exuberant cutouts, but in the details, the refined finishes such as a black body designed in a semi-opaque tulle which reveals the grain of skin without showing too much.

Always looking for the detail that will make the difference, Marion and her creative team create surprise and fascinate by embellishing their bodysuits in turn with a bolero with removable long sleeves, a high collar or metal clasps to enhance the cleavage.

Women with a sportswear and casual look will particularly appreciate our black or white bodysuits in ribbed knit, cashmere and microfibers. These three materials are characterized by their second-skin fit, their softness which rests on the skin like a caress and their perfect fit, the same one which will give you the impression that the bodysuit has been molded to your body.

The most loyal among you also know our undisguised passion for working with delicate and refined materials, like lace and lurex that we bring to life with grace and elegance on some of our models. Italian tulle and floral lace sometimes combine for a striking visual effect.

While favoring French know-how, we are committed to working with trusted and OEKOTEX-certified partners, a guarantee of quality. We make a point of continually seeking new alternatives that are more humanly, ethically and ecologically responsible. Finally, while 100% of our materials come from France and Europe, we have moved all of our production locations closer to Tunisia in order to limit our impact on the environment.

Fine lingerie pieces yes, but while taking care of your privacy! All our panties have been designed in “GOTS” labeled cotton, without chemical inputs and respecting strict environmental and toxicological criteria.

The everyday bodysuit, both underneath and above!

Our lingerie bodysuits take control of their freedom and take over your daytime outfits!

The brand's bodysuits are unique in that they adapt to all situations. They can be hidden under clothing as an integral part of your outfit.

Imagine, the sun is showing the tips of its rays, a gentle warmth invades your interior. How about a skater skirt and a backless bodysuit paired with sneakers for a contemporary touch?

Finally, the bodysuit is THE ideal piece to pair with any other type of clothing! It goes equally well with boyfriend jeans, a long skirt or shorts and fits perfectly under open shirts, oversized blazers or even jackets.

If this morning, it was your lace bodysuit that chose you, don't hesitate to reveal a few centimeters of it in the neckline of your blouse or under a suit jacket, a self-esteem booster in sight!

Our DNA is to imagine second-skin pieces to make you effortlessly elegant. It is with this goal that we constantly question ourselves about what we would like to wear and tirelessly wear without worrying about the passing of time and the fashions that change with it. Far from exuberance and sophistication pushed to its peak, ICONE'slingerie bodysuits are timeless and unique.

At ICONE, we advocate the fulfilled woman and support her in this long journey of self-confidence, self-esteem, displayed and assumed pride in her full and loose curves. We advocate the woman who dances, who sings, who reveals herself in timeless pieces but also more refined outfits.

Did you recognize the free woman? Yes, at ICONE , we advocate, celebrate and create for all free women.

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