The lace panty: a timeless lingerie piece

At ICONE, we reinvent lingerie classics with creativity and modernity. The lace panties are a must-have: every morning, we open our drawer to choose one of them, alongside cotton panties and microfiber panties. But did you know that this timeless underwear has its origins in the ecclesiastical and aristocratic milieu? Femininity, sensuality, and audacity are expressed through over 400 years of history. This timeless piece of lingerie speaks to all women and tells their story. Embracing its timeless codes while reimagining them, our lace panty designs celebrate natural femininity so that every woman can assert her style. Discover all the facets of this essential feminine piece!

The history of lace panties

Lace lingerie: between heritage and innovation

Lace, etymologically "little tooth," refers to an openwork fabric, without warp or weft, composed of opaque patterns  (such as floral or geometric patterns) formed by very fine mesh and intertwined threads. The edges of the fabric are usually scalloped. Lace can be made mechanically or by hand (traditional artisanal method).

The making of lace reflects a precious know-how. The various manufacturing methods demonstrate the technicality and expertise of lace masters... Indeed, there are different types of lace such as Chantilly lace, lace made on hexagonal spindles, corded lace formed by highlighting the details of the pattern with a cord for a textured appearance, guipure lace in which the patterns are connected with bars or braids instead of nets or meshes.

Originally made from linen, it is now made from cotton, silk, or nylon. Textile evolution allows for the use of more elastic fibers (spandex) and offers a variety of textures. With the development of "slow fashion," women's lingerie brands are exploring more responsible alternatives such as ecological fibers, "smart" textiles, and natural dyes.

Origins of lace and its appearance in lingerie

Evocative of luxury and craftsmanship, lace is part of French lingerie heritage. World-renowned cities pay tribute to the secular know-how of artisans, such as Calais, the capital of lace. Traditionally made on centuries-old Leavers looms, it adorns fine lingerie sets and luxury lingerie. A delightful symbol of refinement and elegance.

Yet the origin of lace is not French. It was created in the 16th century in Italy, in Venice. Catherine de Medici introduced it to France upon her arrival at the Court. While it now adorns our intimate wear, it was originally an ornament reserved for the royal family and the clergy! Beyond utility and decoration, lace was intended as a symbol of social recognition, wealth, and refinement.

Evolution of lace panties through the ages

Lace developed in the 17th century under the reign of Louis XIV with the creation of the first French lace manufactures following Colbert's ban on the importation of foreign lace. It quickly adorned panties introduced by Court women.

The lingerie sector developed with the industrial revolution of the 19th century and the invention of the sewing machine.

The 1920s marked a revolution in women's fashion and lingerie. Underwear became shorter and lighter. After the war, panties featured more fitted and elegant cuts, highlighting lace designs.

Lace lingerie underwent significant changes with the invention of nylon in 1950 and lycra thirty years later. Lingerie combines elegance, shaping effect, softness, and comfort. The social and cultural upheavals of the 1960s and 1970s influenced women's lingerie by instilling a new freedom. Synthetic materials are appreciated for their lightness and ease of care. Celebrating the feminine silhouette and elegant sensuality, Chantal Thomas highlighted lace in her first lingerie fashion show in 1976 and through her women's lingerie brand.

The 1980s and 1990s paved the way for "sexy" lingerie with the emergence of new shapes such as thongs and tangas, which come in more colorful lace.

Since the 2000s, lingerie has become increasingly accessible and inclusive. It breaks free from codes by offering a wide choice of panties, patterns, and colors that combine style and comfort.

Influence of fashion icons and celebrities

A fashion staple, lace panties have been popularized by icons throughout their history. Marilyn Monroe, with her pin-up allure and glamorous look in the 1950s, Madonna with her provocative style and sensual stage performances, Kate Moss known for her "boho chic" inspirations and photographs in lace lingerie. Incarnating the femme fatale, romantic, audacious, free, lace panties have become a symbol of feminine expression and personality.

At ICONE, every woman becomes an icon and reconciles with her femininity through underwear that celebrates her. Lace panties are reinvented every season, through our sensual and comfortable designs, imbued with the Maison's codes: for all bold women in search of effortlessness.

Lace Panties: Why Do We Love Them?

Why Wear Lace?

Lace: Charm and Femininity

Reflecting an asserted femininity, lace inspires elegance, softness, and sensuality. At the crossroads between seduction and romance, it elegantly adorns wedding dresses and lingerie sets. Its openwork patterns offer a clever play of opacity and transparency for a dressed/undressed trend.

Christiana Tsaousi, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Leicester, highlights in her thesis the intrinsic link between lingerie and self-identity. Lingerie, the theater of our intimacy, allows us to embody who we are and who we want to be, enhancing all facets of our femininity. By accentuating feminine charm, revealing curves with poetry, seduction, or romance, lace panties prove to be an ally in boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.

The Timelessness of Lace Panties Comfort, Quality, and Freedom

Lace panties captivate with their pleasant texture and good breathability. They can be lined for added comfort. Well maintained, lace is a durable material, especially if it is composed of synthetic fibers.

Interpreted with creativity according to current trends, this piece of lingerie combines modernity and timelessness to appeal to all generations. Versatile, this underwear adapts to all occasions: for everyday wear, for a romantic evening, or for a special occasion. French lingerie brands even reinterpret lace panties with lace menstrual panties to erase any compromise between comfort and style. Worn alone, coordinated, or mixed with other lingerie pieces, this underwear with numerous possibilities expresses a deep desire for freedom.

How to Choose Your Lace Panties?

Different Types of Lace Panties

Celebrating diverse femininity, lace panties come in different cuts: high-waisted panties, low-waisted panties, thongs, boyshorts, shaping panties... From the essential black lingerie to colorful models, through the iconic white panties and nude lingerie, they explore all our desires.

At ICONE, our collections combine everyday basics with vibrant versions in seasonal colors: pastel yellow, orange, blush pink, azure blue... Patterns vary according to inspiration and enhance this fashion essential: exclusive patterns, floral, geometric, solar, or monogram. Choose a full lace version for a romantic look or a two-material version for coverage: tulle and lace, microfiber and lace... Discover the selection!

Which Panties to Choose?

Choose lace panties that suit you by letting yourself be guided by your aesthetic preferences, your morphology, and your style.

An ode to sensuality, the thong perfectly highlight curves. Invisible under clothing (or almost), it's a daily must-have.

More comfortable than the thong, as it's less high-cut, the thong subtly highlights the curve of the buttocks thanks to its V-shaped design.

To refine the waist and smooth curves, opt for high-waisted lace panties. They are more or less high-cut on the hips and offer very good comfort. Low-waisted panties reveal the belly and adapt perfectly to low-rise jeans.

The boyshort is a must-have for all women: it covers the hips while enhancing the buttocks. Its ample edges envelop and shape wide hips and add volume to narrow hips.

To find your panty size, refer to our size guide or contact us for personalized advice.

Romantic, sensual, minimalist, sophisticated, affirm your style through a range of cuts, designs, and a palette of colors that enriches each collection.

Investment in Durable and Quality Pieces

At ICONE, attention to detail is at the heart of our creative process. Therefore, each material is carefully chosen. We use French lace and Italian lace known for their quality and durability. Our underwear is made in Tunisia in two trusted workshops that we have meticulously selected for their expertise and know-how.

Quality underwear will have a prolonged lifespan. Perfectly fitted to your silhouette, our lingerie enhances the body while preserving the skin from any irritating materials used in fast fashion lingerie.

Soft and breathable, our sets wear like a second skin throughout the day.

Caring for Your Lace Panties: Our Advice

Lace is delicate and requires careful handling. You can wash your lace lingerie by hand or machine, with a low-temperature program (between 15° and 30°), on a delicate cycle.

If the water temperature is too hot, your lingerie could shrink. Use a laundry bag for lingerie and a gentle, eco-friendly detergent. If you mix colors, place an anti-discoloration towel in your machine to prevent any color transfer. Never put your underwear in the dryer. Simply lay your lace panties horizontally without clothespins to avoid marking the fabric.

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