La culotte taille haute, la pièce qui s'adapte à toutes les silhouettes

High-waisted panties, the piece that suits everyone

Considered out of fashion for a few years, high-waisted panties have found a place of choice in the women's lingerie section and with the great return of the retro trend, there is no doubt that they will retain their place at the top of the podium for many years to come. many years. Beyond instilling sweet vintage reminiscences, high-waisted panties have many advantages. At ICONE, no woman should think she has something to hide. Feminine curves are inherently beautiful and high-waisted panties are here to remind you of that. Look like a Pin-Up like Marilyn Monroe or Dita Von Teese! Particularly fond of high-waisted briefs for their virtues combining comfort and femininity, our creative team offers this model in multiple versions. ICONE creations reconcile women with their feminine instinct, their aura, their natural grace. And precisely, high-waisted panties are the ideal piece for contemporary women looking for effortless.

High-waisted panties: the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics

If high-waisted panties are finding their way more and more into our wardrobe, it's because they have many advantages, starting with their absolute comfort.

Comfort in all circumstances

To the question: “Why choose high-waisted panties ? ". The first answer we would be tempted to give you is this: for its enveloping cut which enhances and fits all silhouettes.

Don't get me wrong, opting for high-waisted panties does not necessarily mean having shapes to hide, quite the contrary! Banish this unsightly image from your head, you are beautiful and your shapes reflect you. While covering the buttocks, it embraces the stomach without oppressing it and leaves the woman with ideal freedom of movement.

Our high-waisted panties adapt to all body shapes. Designed with just the right amount of elastane, they have a shaping shape that ensures optimal support without cutting into your stomach, while their minimalist lines blend into the silhouette. Designed to ensure optimal comfort throughout the day, some of our models come with an elasticated waist for a useful effortless contemporary touch.

Finally, the “GOTS” labeled organic cotton bottom of our high-waisted panties takes care of your privacy and protects you from typically feminine disappointments.

Particularly fond of high-waisted briefs , the creative team at ICONE has fun offering them in different cuts and in various materials.

High-waisted panties in all their forms

Special mention for the high-waisted microfiber panties which know how to be forgotten better than any other underwear. Even finer than a silk thread, it is embodied by its delicate and supple fiber. As soft as they are stretchy, ICONE high-waisted briefs feel like a second skin.

The most daring will without hesitation opt for models designed in tulle which reveal the body with refinement without showing too much. Lace also plays with transparency by adorning the female body with sensually worked patterns.

At ICONE, for the Parisian house, everything is in the detail, in the discreet finish and no less essential to transform an underwear into the fine lingerie of your dreams.

From elasticated picot finishes, to semi-opaque tulle inserts, more or less refined and colorful floral embroidery, subtly high-cut cuts: ICONE continues to shine in the art of detail which makes all the difference.

Both a basic piece of lingerie and a piece of fine lingerie, high-waisted panties are an essential in a woman's wardrobe. Light and comfortable, it takes up vintage codes to which our creator, Marion, added the touch of modernity that was missing to permanently place high-waisted panties in the lingerie landscape for the coming years.

Choosing the ideal high-waisted panties for you

If you know us, you know that at ICONE, the debate on the ideal woman has no place. The ideal woman is the woman who loves herself, who takes responsibility for herself, who enjoys perfect freedom of movement, of dressing, of expressing herself. On this same principle, the perfect high-waisted panties for you will undoubtedly be the ones your eyes will stop at. Despite everything, we give you a few tips for choosing high-waisted panties that will perfectly fit your curves.

Which high-waisted panties for which body type?

We have clarified this to you previously: for some it is above all a real asset of charm and style while for others, it is their ultimate comfort which wins.

To begin, let's answer this fundamental question: how to wear high-waisted panties correctly ?

Its ultra comfortable cut is suitable for both slim body types and luscious curves. However, if you want to enjoy all of its advantages, be sure to opt for high-waisted panties that fit your size...and your style! No woman is more beautiful than when she wears what suits her and... What she likes!

If the cut of the high-waisted briefs remains more or less the same, the materials provide a striking visual effect! Let's take a closer look at which high-waisted panties will best suit your body shape.

If you want to reshape your silhouette, plain fabrics will be your best allies. Black, navy blue and burgundy enhance the curves of the body. The little extra? The models are decorated with vertical cutouts.

Women wishing to add volume to their buttocks will focus more on more vibrant colors and prints. Cotton, lycra and lace will finally provide this relief effect.

Finally, highlight your voluptuous curves by focusing on lace, tulle and other more or less transparent materials.

Let your style and your desires speak!

At ICONE, we consider that women must remain free to select their underwear according to their tastes and desires and not by conditioning this choice on their body shape.

This is why Marion, creator of the brand, and her team have decided to offer high-waisted panties in as many models as there are styles and lifestyles.

All our high-waisted panties have been designed to adapt to the hectic daily lives of modern women of the 21st century. Ultra comfortable, they are distinguished by their second skin effect and their ideal support which hugs the curves without being felt.

Women who love stylistic purity and comfort will opt for our high-waisted microfiber or cotton panties. Indeed, these two noble and soft materials allow the skin to breathe and your body to move without any hindrance!

Good to know for pregnant women : Whether you gave birth vaginally or by cesarean section, our high-waisted panties will undoubtedly become your best allies. Their elastic will be located above your cesarean scar and the fabric will protect it from unpleasant friction on the pants.

If your choice is towards a more sensual and refined look, you will find your ideal piece of lingerie among our high-waisted panties in semi-transparent tulle and/or decorated with fine floral lace inserts. We also offer you high-waisted panties with varying degrees of cutout depending on your desires and tastes.

Finally, let us tell you a secret : our collections are renewed very regularly! If you don't find what you're looking for now, it's a safe bet that you will find it within a few weeks!

High-waisted panties for every occasion!

If you now know that high-waisted panties are suitable for all body types, that they can be worn every day thanks to their second skin effect, they do not go with all clothes and are not suitable for all styles either. occasions.

Clothing to wear over high-waisted panties

You guessed it, low-rise pants cannot be worn with high-waisted briefs . On the other hand, the latter goes perfectly with high-waisted pants.

High- waisted panties will also look great under a dress worn close to the body or with pencil skirts.

If your clothes are slightly transparent or decorated with embroidery, opt for plain high-waisted panties . You will be able to show more originality under looser or opaque clothing.

Are you looking for a sensual silhouette? Deliciously feminine and retro, high-waisted lace briefs are the pieces you need.

A real alternative to the bodysuit, high-waisted briefs allow you to maintain an elegant and refined look, day and night.

Trendy, feminine and sophisticated at the same time, the ICONE high-waisted briefs are made of soft and light materials. Discreet under clothing, it plays the invisibility card thanks to its extra flat finishes, its lightweight fit and its enveloping and delicate materials. Its high cut celebrates freedom of movement, self-confidence and the optimal support that today's woman, subject to a daily race against sales, really needs.

A significant “little extra”: your high-waisted panties are eco-responsible

It is with an eco-responsible conviction that Marion and her creative team are committed to offering underwear but also eco-responsible swimwear .

While continuing to work with the same trusted partners since its creation, ICONE is committed to purchasing 100% of its materials and accessories in Europe and France.

Since 2019, the brand has made the ethical and responsible decision to bring all of its production sites closer to Tunisian workshops, which are themselves audited each year in order to limit and reduce its environmental footprint.

Finally, ICONE marks its difference by collaborating with internationally renowned French lace makers. In fact, it contributes greatly to France's influence on international territories.

You now know everything you needed to know before adorning yourself with one of our high-waisted panties . For a neat look, match your bottoms with a matching bra from ICONE.

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