Delicate and transparent lingerie: discover the ICONE collection

Delicate lingerie, a personal and intimate element of the female wardrobe, has traversed ages, metamorphosing with fashion and function. In the Middle Ages, it served primarily for support, but by the Renaissance, it became an undeniable charm asset and a means of seduction. What about 21st-century women? Modern heroines favor unique pieces with minimalist designs, items that enhance their curves without suffocating them, allowing them to express the quintessence of their femininity. ICONE celebrates these confident women with transparent lingerie, inspired by romantic, rock, and urban styles, striking a balance between comfort and sensuality.

Transparent Lingerie: A Self-Esteem Booster

Transparency in women's wardrobes is not new, but it became revolutionary in the 1970s.

Origins of Delicate Transparent Lingerie

In the 1970s, couture houses and female stars highlighted creations that revealed the skin. Marilyn Monroe’s famous naked dress at President Kennedy's birthday gala in 1962 symbolized glamour and sensuality, setting a precedent for women to embrace their bodies. Cher’s iconic see-through dress at the Met Gala and Kate Moss’s sheer silver dress in 1993 further broke taboos, turning transparent lingerie into a symbol of power, self-confidence, and elegance.

Why Choose ICONE Transparent Lingerie?

There are countless reasons to wear transparent lingerie. ICONE's transparent lingerie defines the woman you are or aspire to be—whether romantic with lace or bold with tulle. ICONE's pieces flatter the female form, fitting like a second skin. This concept, known as "lingerie therapy," empowers women to embrace their femininity. With ICONE, modern, sensual women find lingerie that combines comfort and aesthetic appeal.

The Perfect Balance of Sensuality and Comfort

ICONE, a brand created by women for women, offers versatile lingerie that adapts to changing styles and desires. Each season, ICONE presents delicate lingerie collections, ranging from delicate lace to modern transparency, emphasizing the natural curves of the body.

Embrace Delicacy with Lace Sets

Lace lingerie stands out as a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. Floral lace, a signature of ICONE, reveals the body subtly. For a romantic look, ICONE combines lace with ruffled basques. Black lace lingerie pairs sensually under a white blouse, while lace and transparency offer a contemporary sexy appeal.

Express Romanticism with Embroidered Lingerie

ICONE’s embroidered lingerie, with fine detailing that reveals the body, evolves each season. From pastel floral embroidery to urban designs, these pieces exude effortless Parisian chic and sensuality.

Tulle: The Modern Woman's Ally

Tulle lingerie, soft and airy, molds to the skin while providing comfort and support. Its stretch microfibers ensure a second-skin effect, perfect for dynamic women. ICONE's tulle pieces offer a blend of sensuality and practicality, fitting seamlessly into any outfit.

Universal Lingerie for All Women

Its philosophy: to offer every woman, regardless of her body shape, the chance to realize her potential and be enhanced by modern, infinitely desirable delicate lingerie.

Underwire or Wireless?

The underwire bra is undoubtedly the most classic. It adapts to all lifestyles and provides optimal breast support.

Your choice will be determined by the intended effect and shape you seek, the use of your delicate lingerie, and your body shape.

The balconette bra offers a round and voluminous shape, ideal for a stunning décolleté. The wireless triangle bra has been trending for several months, minimalistic and suited to smaller busts, often adorned with pretty floral embroidery for a guaranteed wow effect.

A plunging neckline, optimal support, and ultra-comfortable cups: we are talking about the bralette, but not just any bralette. A slightly transparent tulle bralette, discreet and sensual.

Thong, Tanga, Pantie... Can't Decide?

Once again, the French brand breaks the norms. The briefs, typically covering a large part of the buttocks, transform into cheeky and ultra-feminine pieces with transparent or beautifully embroidered tulle.

The tanga is the perfect hybrid between briefs and a thong. Exceptionally sensual, it's a sweet compromise between a thong and briefs, and when adorned with lace ruffles, it becomes irresistibly romantic and glamorous.

Whether you choose a thong or tanga, bralette or "balconette", ICONE prioritizes offering designs that are modern and refined, so comfortable that you forget you are wearing them.

Minimalist lines and colors, sometimes tender, sometimes bold, delicate lace, and embroidery combined with other supportive and comfortable materials ensure perfect invisibility under clothing.

Wearing delicate and transparent lingerie from ICONE means enjoying an infinitely glamorous and seductive aura.

Create Your Persona with an ICONE Bodysuit

The renowned French brand democratizes the bodysuit

With ICONE, the bodysuit takes on a new role: very comfortable, it is suitable for both special and playful occasions as well as daily wear. It's hard not to fall for this delicate lingerie piece.

Inspired by urban trends, adorned with lace or delicate embroidery, ICONE bodysuits evolve with the seasons and feminine desires. How can one resist this second-skin lingerie piece that, more than any other, enhances feminine curves?

Owning an ICONE bodysuit gives you the opportunity to create your glamorous, chic, or wild persona and finally let your body express itself.

Dare to Wear Transparent Lingerie During the Day

Attention, ladies, the underneath is coming out on top! Usually hidden beneath our clothes, they become an element of style.

ICONE's transparent lingerie rides this trend and offers pieces to integrate into your day and night outfits. How to stay elegant without revealing too much?

Bodysuits are a sure way to start your journey with visible underwear. They adapt to both sporty and elegant styles, depending on the bodysuit you choose.

To gracefully highlight your curves and spice up your look with a sensual and classy touch, pair a bodysuit with or without sleeves, decorated with subtle embroidery, with tailored trousers or a mid-length skirt.

If you prefer a more sporty and urban style, pair a ribbed stretch knit bodysuit with oversized joggers and sneakers. This effective combination allows you to blend refinement and comfort while fully embracing your femininity.

For an ultra-feminine look, opt for a lace bodysuit hidden under an oversized blazer.

Favoring an effortless chic style, ICONE imagines minimalist fine lingerie with a hint of sportswear, perfect for open shirts, oversized tops, and zipped sweaters.

The era when delicate lingerie served only a practical role is truly over, and ICONE doesn’t hide it. Whether worn to adorn a décolleté, to elevate a look with a sexy touch, or to combine sensuality and comfort, transparent lingerie is a must-have in the female wardrobe.

Crowded transports, hectic daily life, back-to-back appointments, grumpy clients, and other daily incidents mark today's women's routines. While this feeling of oppression and stress seems intrinsically linked to urban existence, ICONE chooses to restore freedom to women by offering bold, glamorous lingerie that also respects and lets our shapes express themselves with our movements. The Parisian house stands out with its pieces that embrace, magnify, and liberate our forms with genius. ICONE lingerie ideally adapts to our busy lifestyles for a perfect look that follows us from morning to night.

Isn’t that ultimately what freedom is? Being able to wear glamorous, sexy, and refined underwear, to combine them with city and evening outfits, yet still feel like you’re wearing nothing at all?

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