Tendance 2024 : maillot de bain taille haute

Trend 2024: high-waisted swimsuit

Notice to the population: the refined aesthetic and a bit of vintage will be on the beaches during the summer of 2024. Whether or not you have started planning your summer getaways, there is nothing like planning your swimwear for wait patiently for the sunny days! In recent seasons, the high-waisted swimsuit has made a real comeback! And how can we not understand it? Everything seduces us about our ICONE high-waisted swimsuit : its vintage style, its ultra-flattering cut, its refined design and its eco-responsible materials... The key swimsuits for summer 2024 are resolutely imbued with seventies reminiscences. Between heritage and modernity, the swimwear wardrobe captivates us. Offering a stylish alternative for women looking for more coverage or simply a more retro style, high-waisted swimsuits are proof that femininity and modesty can coexist, giving beachwear a new landscape.

The high-waisted swimsuit: the essential ally for feminine curves

Choosing a swimsuit is not an easy task. By revealing the body in this way, it must simultaneously meet several criteria such as emphasizing pretty curves while offering a certain coverage, but also being practical and comfortable. The high-waisted swimsuit turns out to tick all those boxes.

The history of the high-waisted swimsuit

The high-waisted swimsuit is emblematic of the beginnings of the bikini.

It was in the 1950s, in the ultimate era of elegance and glamor, that the high-waisted two-piece swimsuit made its notable appearance. It is adorned with feminine details such as bows, floral patterns, polka dots or ruffles.

Symbolizing femininity, it reminds us of the first bodies which stripped naked by the swimming pool and basked in the sun. How can we not assimilate the high-waisted swimsuit to the Mediterranean woman, to the sunny woman of the Riviera, to the dolce vita?

More than a piece of clothing, the high-waisted swimsuit has become a legendary piece that has spanned the ages and trends without aging.

If our Parisian house loves high-waisted swimsuits so much , it's because this piece belonging to the swimwear wardrobe allows us to celebrate the emancipation of women, their evolution in society and the way society views them.

The choice of high waist for all silhouettes

The high-waisted swimsuit is special in that it offers all women the luxury of feeling beautiful, free and confident in a swimsuit. Particularly appreciated for its sophisticated vintage look, it allows you to create a deliciously retro look.

  • You have generous shapes

The high-waisted swimsuit is particularly appreciated by busty women. It conceals the stomach while highlighting the curves of the hips and smoothing the silhouette. A fan of Mediterranean refinement and an activist for inclusion through its creations, our Parisian house ICONE imagines timeless bath pieces for all women. With a line of swimwear that adapts to all body types, ICONE promotes seaside fashion where every woman finds her place. Don't hesitate to go for waist briefs embellished with a belt which further defines the lines of your figure.

  • For V-shaped shapes

The high-waisted swimsuit is ideal for women with V-shaped shapes, that is to say with thin hips and wider shoulders. It helps rebalance the silhouette by providing more volume to the lower body, especially since high-waisted panties are also known to nicely shape the buttocks.

  • For so-called “hourglass” body types

Women with an The high-waisted briefs emphasize their harmonious curves and immediately give them a chic and dressy look.

  • For A-shaped body types

Women with an A-shaped body shape have wide hips and narrow shoulders. Like Y-shaped shapes, high-waisted panties harmonize the silhouette by refining the lower body. To optimize this visual effect, opt for a set with plain panties and a brightly colored top.

Combining the useful, the pleasant and the eco-responsible

In addition to enhancing the silhouette and lengthening the legs, the ICONE high-waisted swimsuit is available in different cuts, not to mention its ultra comfortable fit which you will have a hard time doing without.

A high-waisted swimsuit: I say YES! But… Which one?

At ICONE, it's not just about falling for the high-waisted swimsuit.

Since its creation, our house has been part of a desire to constantly surprise our customers by regularly offering new collections.

High-cut bottoms to be daring, shorty-style models for ideal support, high-waisted briefs decorated with a tie, clip or ring belt to emphasize the waist, ruffles for a romantic side or a set of semi-opaque tulle to reveal the skin.

Our creative team loves to play with colors. Depending on your tastes and desires, you can opt for solid, timeless shades or choose boldness by wearing models with striped or polka dot patterns or featuring prints in warm colors resembling a sunset.

If stylistic purity and refinement in its raw state define our Parisian house, this does not prevent us from surprising and continuing to seduce by imagining modern and singular designs which allow women fans of the brand to evolve on the beach with confidence and assurance.

The ideal combination of comfort and femininity

Perfectly in tune with the times, high-waisted swimsuits ensure you can wear them comfortably all day long.

Whether you are a fan of tanning or of walking on the beach, whether you want to borrow the pin-up look of Marilyn Monroe or the infinitely elegant look of Audrey Hepburn or simply want to sit cross-legged on your towel without needing to tuck in your stomach: the high-waisted swimsuit is the ideal compromise between wearing comfort and femininity.

Eco-friendly high-waisted swimsuits

If Marion, the designer wishes to make an impression with her creations, she does not intend to leave a carbon footprint on our planet.

Ethical effort is an integral part of the ICONE creation process. Continually looking for new, more ecological, humane and responsible alternatives, the house is committed to purchasing its materials and accessories in Europe and France exclusively. It makes a point of only collaborating with OEKOTEX-certified suppliers. By collaborating with only three factories for the bath line in Tunisia, we ensure that each of them is subject to an annual audit to certify both the quality of the products as well as respect for the working conditions of its artisans. The ICONE bath collections are designed in recycled textiles labeled GRS (Global Recycled Standard) recognized for respecting social and environmental criteria. All swimsuit linings as well as the vast majority of our swim fabrics are made from one of the most certified eco-responsible fibers in the world: SEAQUAL.

Allowing you to sport an uninhibited retro look without forgetting our responsibilities as citizens of the world: this is the commitment and the challenge met and succeeded by our designer.

The different combinations with a high waisted swimsuit.

If the high-waisted swimsuit is suitable for all body shapes, the swimsuit top must be selected according to your figure, of course, but above all because you like it, because it offers you the opportunity to express all your femininity. Always in its search for inclusion, our house ICONE provides you with cuts that suit all curves.

The timeless triangle

This model stands out as the bikini par excellence. Timeless, it suits all women. This model enhances and lifts the chest to give it a natural curve. The triangle also comes in a more covering shape: accompanied by more or less wide straps, it highlights the shoulders and harmonizes the so-called “rectangular” silhouettes.

The headband to wrap the chest

It is without doubt the ideal ally for all breasts. It comes in a thousand and one versions: low-cut at the front, accompanied by frills, ruffles, twisted, with or without underwire, with straps or with a removable tie... So many models that will allow you to express your individuality.

The balconette swimsuit for an enhanced neckline

While it is the ideal swimsuit to support generous breasts, it can also give volume to smaller breasts. This model rides the lingerie trend that can be worn both underneath and above.

The high-waisted swimsuit, the star of beachwear

Have you noticed the famous straw huts on the beach? No need to dress in business attire for lunch, an outfit borrowed from beachwear will do the job perfectly. And if you've finally opted for a high-waisted swimsuit , it's coming at just the right time! Very easy to integrate into a beach outfit, the high-waisted swimsuit goes perfectly with our dresses and knotted sets. Complete your look with a pretty mule tote bag and that’s it!

You now know everything about high-waisted swimsuits , the must-have for the 2024 summer season. Say goodbye to preconceived ideas that women wear high-waisted swimsuit bottoms only to hide their shapes. At ICONE, we consider women free to choose more covering models for reasons other than those linked to complexes and in particular, for questions of modesty, or the search for a more elegant or vintage look. The ideal swimsuit will not be the one adapted to your body shape but the one in which you will feel beautiful, confident and free to move.
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