Pourquoi le maillot de bain une pièce revient en 2024 ?

Why is the one-piece swimsuit coming back in 2024?

It's official, the one-piece swimsuit is making a comeback this summer and the biggest fashion magazines continue to highlight it. At ICONE, this timeless swimwear piece is available in all its forms to suit all desires.

Considered old fashioned in the past, the one-piece swimsuit is coming back to the forefront in 2024 and as we understand it! The woman of the 21st century has nothing left to prove. Femininity is not measured by the coverage of the swimsuit but by its cut and its effortless style. Formerly reserved for our swimming lessons, it is making a flamboyant return to the seaside. There are many advantages of the one-piece swimsuit : shaping, sculpting, suitable for all body types, particularly comfortable... From the most sober to the most original, plain or patterned, decorated with gathered, ruffled or more minimalist finishes, ICONE swimsuits are created by women for all women, all lifestyles and all body types. At ICONE nothing is left to chance: fitted, feminine and contemporary cuts combined with responsible and quality materials for iconic swimwear pieces.

The one-piece swimsuit: a safe bet

A true essential in your swimwear wardrobe, the one-piece swimsuit has many advantages. While leaving you free to move, it adapts to all curves.

A one-piece swimsuit to enhance your figure

Becoming an icon means feeling free to wear the swimsuit in which you feel beautiful and glamorous, regardless of the gaze of others and the so-called beauty standards that are still omnipresent.

Feeling strong and good about yourself is not easy. Indeed, complexes stick to us and very often make life difficult for us. And yet, nothing should stop you from showing off your best, uninhibited look this summer! This is where the one-piece swimsuit comes into play. Ideal for showing off a confident gait, it is the perfect piece to refine your silhouette, enhance your curves and lengthen your legs.

Its shaping and sculpting properties guarantee you a flat stomach effect while nicely and naturally highlighting the waist.

The uninhibited summer and the joys of the beach are yours without worrying about tucking in your stomach. Your body deserves better than that and in this, ICONE creations are true synonyms of freedom.

In a word, the one-piece swimsuit celebrates women in all their forms.

The one-piece swimsuit for comfort for all occasions

If the bikini is more suitable and popular for a chill and tanning program, it can also accompany you in your more active days.

If you want to alternate walks by the sea, swimming sessions, beach volleyball or walking by the water: a one-piece swimsuit is essential. Perfectly adjusted to your body, you will not risk revealing your privacy when riding a wave. On the other hand, the one-piece swimsuit accessorized with a sarong or denim shorts is an ideal outfit for strolling through a charming little seaside resort town center.

The Parisian house intends to give back freedom to women both in the way they dress and in their movements. This is why its swimwear has a second-skin effect that we can't get enough of. By putting on ICONE one-piece swimsuits, you will have the impression of wearing nothing, a true ode to feminine freedom.

Modern and dynamic women of our time do not want to compromise between elegance and comfort. ICONE one-piece swimsuits give you the opportunity to feel seductive and feminine, while celebrating “looking good” on any occasion.

The one-piece swimsuit, an ally against UV rays

Don't trust preconceived ideas! The one-piece swimsuit allows you to tan just as much as the bikini.

Designed in eco-responsible and skin-friendly materials, ICONE swimwear filters UV rays to give you a pretty tanned complexion without suffering from its potential harmful consequences for the epidermis, and in particular for very light and fragile skin.

The one-piece swimsuit, the summer trend

For several years now, fashion has been punctuated with vintage reminiscences, both in the world of swimwear and ready-to-wear.

One-piece models give you a pin-up look straight out of a 50s magazine. The trend is no longer for minimum coverage. Today, women are returning to safe values. Make way for refined style and sculpting, graphic cuts to flatter all silhouettes.

A feminine piece and very easy to wear, the one-piece swimsuit has the particularity of putting it on in one go. Very popular for its timeless shape, this model allows you to enjoy total comfort while ensuring good support for the chest.

Tanning afternoon, swimming in the sea or swimming session: it is a must-have in any season.

The one-piece swimsuit gives pride of place to simple elegance and timelessness. The color palette oscillates between neutral and more vibrant shades highlighting your pretty tanned complexion.

Choosing a one-piece swimsuit according to your body shape

Elegance and versatility come together in the one-piece swimsuit . From the clean lines of the minimalist swimsuit, to the plunging neckline and the subtle seductive play of an open back: ICONE offers the one-piece swimsuit in numerous versions. The objective: To allow all body types to find the model that will be indispensable for your summer getaways.

To enhance your curves

Do you have generous breasts? We advise you to opt for a one-piece swimsuit with a non-plunging round neckline for optimal support. For a sensual effortless look signature of the Parisian brand, choose a backless piece that will enhance your lower back.

The one-piece swimsuit with a low cut will highlight your plump buttocks and help to lengthen the silhouette.

Finally, this bath piece has a smoothing and shaping effect for a slimmer stomach. Opt for a plain swimsuit for a more slender look.

An ally for small breasts

Do you have small chest?

One word: dare!

ICONE imagines swimwear with a plunging neckline for an effortless glamorous look. Adopt a strapless model to enhance your head and shoulders.

The one-piece swimsuit is ideal for defining the curves of the body.

The one-piece swimsuit for all styles

If the trend is for a minimalist style, pieces matched with resin beads or elegant pleated finishes spice up the look with an undeniable refined note. Plunging neckline, cleverly designed cutouts and openings, etc. There is something for all tastes and styles.

The strappy swimsuit

A timeless piece par excellence, it is reminiscent of the retro elegance of the first swimsuits. If supporting your chest is one of your selection criteria, this piece will undoubtedly appeal to you.

The low-cut swimsuit

ICONE swimwear was designed by women and for women. Marion and our creative team imagine pieces whose cuts enhance the curves of the female body, starting with plunging necklines on the front of the model or on the back depending on tastes and desires.

If you have a small chest, opt for a model with underwire to emphasize the natural curve of your chest.

The contemporary one-piece swimsuit

A fan of minimalist style, the French house imagines bath pieces with clean lines to celebrate the natural elegance of women.

Exit the sophistication that hides the raw and authentic beauty of feminine curves. The minimalist one-piece swimsuit by ICONE is distinguished by the precision of its cuts which hug the silhouette for a second skin effect.

The brand gives voice to body language, to the infinitely elegant, to authentic carnal beauty. And ICONE is not the only one to give in to minimalism. Many personalities including Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski have both relied on simplicity and stylistic purity to highlight their natural beauty.

The most daring among you will find what they are looking for with the house's asymmetrical swimsuits. The unique strap combined with the indented inserts which reveal the skin twist the look with an effortless sensual note of which the brand has the secret.

Let yourself be tempted by vintage-inspired patterns for a retro touch or opt for brighter shades.

An eco-responsible one-piece swimsuit

The Parisian house is embodied in its eco-responsible commitment. Creating style, yes, but not at any price, not without measuring its carbon impact, not without It is proof that fashion can be combined with ecological, ethical and human commitments.

Excellent French know-how

One of the brand's major commitments: to offer pieces exclusively designed in French and recycled materials. By combining authentic know-how and French sourcing, the ethically reconciled bath line is aesthetic. Encouraging innovation and flexibility while maintaining relationships of trust: this is the common thread of our creative team. All of the linings of our swimsuits as well as the vast majority of our swim fabrics are made from one of the most certified eco-responsible fibers in the world: SEAQUAL.

Designed in France and designed in one of our three Tunisian artisanal companies, our pieces

Between exceptional know-how and pretty colorful harmonies, our French jacquard swimwear embellishes women's daily lives.

The swimsuit, a versatile piece

The one-piece swimsuit is suitable for all occasions. A truly versatile piece, it enhances summer outfits with sophisticated charm.

You will take real pleasure in accessorizing your swimsuit according to your program. For a walk with your feet in the water, combine it with a pareo that you tie around the waist for a relaxed touch, with a kimono or loose skirt-type bottoms.

For a more casual look suitable, for example, for a shopping trip in the city center, combine it with denim shorts or a short skirt and finish the look with a pair of sandals.

Finally, for an impromptu hike, wear it under fleece shorts and wear sneakers. In addition to protecting you from the sun's rays, the cap will add the sporty-chic touch that was missing.

We invite you to discover our swim collection here .

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