L’incontournable maillot de bain noir

The essential black swimsuit

There are pieces that enter the history of fashion and never come out, like the “little black dress”: this timeless piece, essential and revisited at leisure with the tides of time. who passed. Like the little black dress, the black swimsuit, imagined in countless cuts and designs, stands out as one of the rare pieces capable of standing the test of time without aging.

A true must-have in women's wardrobe that no one seems to get tired of, the black swimsuit is the guarantee of a flawless look. Marion, the creator of ICONE, takes on this sober and naturally elegant piece of beachwear by offering it in as many models and cuts as there are body types. The house thus celebrates women in all their diversity and offers all its icons the opportunity to feel beautiful in their black swimsuit. 

Shed light on the many advantages of this timeless bathroom piece.

Why choose a black swimsuit?

If the black swimsuit recalls luxury and stylistic purity, it also has undeniable assets of which here is a small overview.

A decidedly flattering swimsuit

Black stands out as the most flattering color for feminine lines. Ideal for refining the silhouette, the black swimsuit has real shaping and

If this shade enhances your curves, it also flatters the complexion. Whether you are blonde, redhead or brunette and whether your complexion is tan, ivory or ebony, by contrast effect, black highlights the complexion as well as the hair.

By absorbing light, the black swimsuit lengthens your silhouette and enhances your figure. By focusing on the cut of your dreams, you will, without a doubt, display your most beautiful, uninhibited approach this summer.

The black swimsuit, infinitely chic

If color alone is not enough to guarantee an elegant look and it is essential to pay particular attention to the cut of your swimsuit, black is the very embodiment of the refinement of sobriety.

This color has managed to slip elegantly into women's wardrobes and occupies a special place in all collections, year after year...

Audrey Hepburn, the Duchess of Cambridge and Emily Ratajkoswki are all emblems of elegance and glamor who have adopted the black swimsuit to strut at the water's edge.

A chameleon swimsuit

Black is a shade that adapts to all styles. Whether you sport a classic style or prefer a more elegant look or whether your look is rather casual or more assertive: the black swimsuit is a real chameleon.

The black swimsuit, overview of its different variations

You understand, “ black is always a good idea ” but your choice does not stop there. At ICONE, the black swimsuit is available and revealed in different forms.

The one-piece swimsuit

Stylistic purity and elegance meet and merge in the black one-piece swimsuit . And it has never been more trendy than it is in 2024.

The common thread of the Parisian house ICONE? Allow you to wear pieces in which you feel free to move, regardless of the gaze of others. Second-skin effect swimsuits that will gracefully reveal the sublime curves of your body to the point of overshadowing what, as a woman, you consider to be small flaws.

At ICONE, black one-piece swimsuits adapt to all body shapes so that they can highlight all body types. In terms of cut first with pretty openings, asymmetrical cuts, plunging necklines, thin or wide straps and cleverly designed cutouts.

The Parisian house is also distinguished by its delicate and elegant finishes: sublime pleats with resin beads, a belt to emphasize the waist...

The possibilities are endless for you to feel comfortable and free to exhibit your femininity in all its splendor and power.

The two-piece swimsuit

Many women fear facing their image in a two-piece swimsuit and don't know which cut to choose.

If there is one piece of advice to remember, one rule to follow: feel free to wear whatever you want. Finding yourself beautiful in a swimsuit that you love: this is the key to an assertive and uninhibited look.

Women with small chests will prefer a bikini top with coverage, ensuring that it does not flatten the bust. For this, we advise you to opt for a black triangle or bandeau swimsuit . To emphasize the pretty natural curve of your chest, opt for an underwired swimsuit.

On the contrary, women with generous busts will feel sublimated in models combining ideal comfort, enhanced shape and optimal support. Balconette or basket models often accompanied by frames prove to be an excellent option.

Like the top of the swimsuit, the bottom of the swimsuit should be mainly selected for the comfort and ease it offers you. The goal is to feel good in your body, regardless of your position or time of day. Indeed, bikini bottoms remain an essential part of a woman's wardrobe. Whether you wear it during a pool outing with friends or during a romantic afternoon at the beach, for a swimming session or sunbathing: it adapts to all situations. Easy to put on, it can be more or less cut out depending on tastes and desires.

The high-waisted swimsuit is riding the trend for summer 2024. A perfect mix of vintage reminiscences and contemporary elegance, it continues to gain new fans. Its high waist refines the curves of the body and offers a second-skin effect for optimal comfort. To try it is to adopt it and that's a good thing because it goes well with a triangle swimsuit top, a bandeau or even a crop-top.

The thousand and one variations of the ICONE black swimsuit

As a true manifesto for daring women in search of effortless, the ICONE universe combines sensual models and ultra-modern cuts without any compromise on comfort.

ICON’s signature stylistic purity

ICONE swimsuits hug feminine curves for a second-skin feel. For the designer, the woman, far from being an inanimate mannequin, must be free to move. The swimwear piece must merge with your silhouette and enhance it.

This is exactly what minimalist swimsuits do. With their clean lines and beautifully low-cut cuts, they truly reveal your natural beauty.

Each of the models contains a message of freedom. Minimalist black swimsuits encourage women to feel good about themselves, to dare, to embrace their curves. In short: through its creations, ICONE wishes to give you the impetus you were missing to display your most beautiful, uninhibited approach.

The thousand and one materials of the black swimsuit

It is as a true stylistic virtuoso that designer Marion Toccacieli composes with materials, prints and cuts.

At the origin of the Parisian house, a question: "How can we offer the best in swimwear and women's ready-to-wear while considerably reducing our carbon impact?" »

In other words, for the creator of ICONE, it was a question of revolutionizing the world of fashion, both in the choice of its materials, its artisans and in the design of cuts specially imagined for women of the 21st century. These same women who dream of being naiads in a one-piece swimsuit, pin-up in a high-waisted swimsuit or glamorous in a perfectly fitted dress but who need, to realize their aspirations, a brand that listens to their desires freedom and sensuality without effort.

And the materials, in fact, are of particular importance for the Parisian house. A true French address, ICONE highlights French know-how with pieces made from French swim fabric. Between exceptional skills and play on textures, ICONE French jacquard bath pieces stand out as a true emblem of the house's expertise.

Better than any other, the brand knows how to play with materials to highlight the female body. If you want to further enhance your silhouette, vertical ribbed finishes will be your best allies. On the other hand, if it is volume that you are chasing, you will find pretty pieces decorated with gathered finishes which will give an illusion of volume very appreciated by women with small breasts.

A fan of recycled materials, the ICONE designer makes her bath pieces with a polyester fiber made from plastic waste collected in the oceans: SEAQUAL, the ultimate ecofriendly fiber. Available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes, SEAQUAL fiber can either be used 100% in ecru or dyed yarn, or mixed with natural fibers. It is this diversity that has allowed our creative team to develop the ideal designs for our swim fabrics.

Add to that the perfect touch of elastane for ideally fitted pieces, and you obtain ultra-feminine pieces whose perfect cuts adapt to all silhouettes and desires.

How to accessorize your black swimsuit?

Accessorizing the black swimsuit turns out to be child's play.

Thanks to its timeless and neutral shade, it pairs perfectly with a kimono, denim shorts or silk pants.

Spice up your look with a lively and contemporary note by combining your black swimsuit with a colorful or/and patterned sarong . A truly versatile accessory, it can be worn as a dress, tied around the chest or as a skirt, wrapping the waist.

Are you taking part in a beach party or want to go to a restaurant between two beach or pool sessions? Then complete your outfit with a large straw hat or a cap for a more sportswear style. Combine the set with a straw tote bag, flip-flops or espadrilles and that's it. Don't forget to protect your eyes with sunglasses. The graphic shape is particularly appreciated for its assertive, minimalist and easy-to-wear design.

Our last little style tip: accessorize your scrunchie with your black swimsuit . A gingham or striped scrunchie, for example, will add an irresistible vintage note.

In addition to refining the silhouette and enhancing all the curves of your body, the black swimsuit is available in as many cuts and models as there are body types: one-piece or two-piece black swimsuit , bandeau, triangle or balcony… Whether you wear it for an ultra-select beach party, a day at the beach or a stroll by the sea: the black swimsuit is suitable for all occasions.

In a word: the black swimsuit is a timeless piece that has survived all eras and all trends and which undoubtedly still has very good days ahead of it.

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