Découvrez les dernières tendances de maillots de bain deux pièces

Discover the latest two-piece swimwear trends

The latest trends in two-piece swimsuits confirm what we already knew: fashion is an eternal beginning. If last year, the trend highlighted naked female bodies, this year celebrates well-being and the reconciliation of women with their bodies. Never has the bikini respected freedom of movement so much. The star swimsuits of summer 2024 come alive around vintage reminiscences and sure values, a perfect balance between heritage and modernity, between glamor and casual-chic. Just one reminder before we deliver the latest two-piece swimwear trends : the ideal bikini for you will be the one in which you feel beautiful, confident and perfectly comfortable. And since fashion is a cycle in perpetual motion, ICONE offers you ephemeral collections that Marion Toccacieli and her creative team imagine according to her inspirations and always listening to your desires.

Trendy shapes of two-piece swimsuits

A true icon of seaside fashion, the two-piece swimsuit is much more than a simple swimwear item: it is the voice of female liberation. While today, wearing a two-piece swimsuit seems commonplace, it actually follows many centuries of forced covering up motivated by fear of the feminine. By focusing on a two-piece, women are taking power on the beaches, of course, but above all and above all over their bodies. Worn by the most beautiful muses in the world, the two-piece swimsuit has survived the years and trends and is now available in a wide variety of cuts.

The high-waisted swimsuit for uninhibited femininity

The high-waisted swimsuit offers a place in the sun. Perfect alliance between trendy and retro, it flatters the silhouette and nicely highlights feminine curves.

We told you above: summer will be embodied in irresistible vintage reminiscences.

At ICONE , high-waisted swimsuits are made from quality materials with sculpting and shaping properties for a guaranteed second-skin effect. The models' strategic cutouts lengthen the legs, refine the stomach and/or highlight the curve of the buttocks.

In a word, the high waisted two-piece swimsuit is suitable for all ages and body shapes. This model responds to a general problem which is that of finding pleasure in being in one's body.

Two-piece swimsuit: the adjustable bikini

In addition to adapting to your desires, the trendy two-piece swimsuit is adorned with knotted finishes on the side(s) of the swimsuit bottom as well as at the back and around the neck.

Equipped with sliders, the bikini hugs the curves of the body to perfection. You can therefore opt for a triangle or panties with more or less coverage depending on your desire, your daring and your style.

Women who want to reveal themselves even more adopt the micro-bikini without hesitation. Made up of little fabric, it is the essential ally for an even tan. Beyond its cut, it is the infinitely uninhibited style that it represents that seduces.

In a word, the 2024 bikini is versatile and adjustable.

Even more than in previous years, designers love cutouts. V- and U-shaped necklines, bare backs, bare or asymmetrical shoulders, tangas... Will set hearts racing this summer.

ICONE is riding this trend to offer the perfect two-piece swimsuit suited to every body shape. Using cleverly designed cutouts, the Parisian brand ingeniously highlights certain parts of the body often hidden by swimwear.

Never has a shoulder blade, collarbone or hip been as graceful and elegant as in an ICONE two-piece swimsuit .

The great return of minimalism

Summer 2024 heralds the great return of minimalism.

Having become truly timeless, they offer elegant coverage while highlighting the silhouette.

The clean lines are embodied in premium quality materials for a wear that is as comfortable as it is perfectly fitted.

For the Parisian house, the woman is an icon. She is not the mannequin object wearing a swimsuit. It is its curves that enhance the brand's creations and not the other way around.

A true creator of minimalist art, Marion Toccacieli imagines two-piece swimsuits , durable and infinitely refined. Their cuts are brilliantly designed and give the impression to those who wear them that the swimsuit was created just for them. What better way to feel completely free on the beach?

To perfect your beach outfit, don't hesitate to accessorize it with a matching scrunchie, a pareo and the house's graphic sunglasses .

Very present on fashion show catwalks, the minimalist trend is made to last. By opting for a sleek two-piece swimsuit , you ensure you keep it for several years.

Trendy two-piece swimsuits for summer 2024

The ICONE swim lines perfectly illustrate the versatility and adaptability of the 2024 trends. Vibrant prints in solid colors, matching or mismatched swim pieces... five major trends, however, seem to stand out from the pack.

The metallic ornaments of the two-piece swimsuit

Metallic finishes add a sophisticated touch to the look. Ideal alternatives to jewelry, they light up your summer look with real sparkle.

Generally imagined in round and golden shapes, these ornaments are designed to resist the sun, sea water, chlorine, sand, etc.

To stand out this summer, opt for these metallic details which will enhance a part of your body for a chic and remarkable look.

The games of contrasts

Among the most striking trends for 2024, swimsuits give pride of place to color contrasts.

Opposites attract and vibrant contrasts make a statement.

Embody the beauty icons of the French Riviera by opting for a black or white swimsuit or shine brightly by opting for a two-piece swimsuit in bright and/or gradient shades.

This summer, the trend is for bright colors, like international model Haily Bieber and her minimalist red swimsuit that has become iconic. These vibrant colors are ideal because they suit all skin tones. Royal blue, lemon yellow, emerald green are also expressed with assumed freedom. Add to this, exotic prints in an into the wild version for an authentic femininity that is a bit wild and mysterious.

Your contrasting swimsuit is enough in itself. It will set the tone for a sublimated body and a resolutely sunny look.

Priority to materials!

This year, swimwear comes in smooth or textured versions that exude subtle refinement.

By focusing on materials, ICONE celebrates comfort and the second skin effect. Made with a polyester fiber designed from responsible materials, ICONE swimsuits have been designed to accompany you over the years without ever losing their shine.

The house's commitment? French materials! And no one knows better than her how to bring them to life and highlight them.

Some retro reminiscences

Fashion is a cycle that is constantly starting again and the 2024 trend is a confirmation of this.

The thin straps are embellished with pearl finishes, the two-piece swimsuits are enhanced by deliciously retro French jacquard. This remarkable and timeless method of weaving is adorned with carefully worked and refined patterns. This summer we find swimsuits with gathered and ruffled finishes, polka dot and striped patterns... In short, summer fashion offers us a delicious journey through time.

Belted two-piece swimsuits will also make a comeback on our beaches. They bring style, character and structure to your outfit. The belt marks the waist and flatters the silhouette.

So many details and finishes that will allow you to display an irresistible modern-day pin-up look.

And we know it all too well: pin-ups are timeless.

The icons are too.

Lace-up swimsuit

Thanks to its unique and innovative design, the lace-up swimsuit becomes a true figure ally. In addition to offering a perfect and immediate outline of your curves, it adapts to all body types and provides an immediate curved effect.

Our valuable advice for choosing your two-piece swimsuit

Before giving you some advice for choosing your two-piece swimsuit , we would like to remind you of a basic rule: whatever your body shape, it is essential to opt for a comfortable piece in which you will feel good in your body. skin.

That being said, if you have a generous bust, you will undoubtedly appreciate the comfort of underwired swimsuits. They are, for you, the assurance of a supported silhouette and optimal comfort.

Shaping or high-waisted two-piece swimsuits are making a real comeback and are suitable for all body types.

Panties with a deeper cut at the buttocks such as the tanga or even the thong will highlight your natural curve.

Far from being fixed, the two-piece swimsuit lines are constantly evolving, according to the designer's inspirations, and above all according to your desires.

Have you found the two-piece swimsuit of your dreams?

A few accessories are as essential as a swimsuit to allow you to show off a dazzling silhouette this summer.

Beachwear also has its essentials, starting with sunglasses . While adding style to your outfit, it protects your eyes from the sun. Continue riding the summer 2024 trend and opt for a retro pair.

Last must-have for 2024: the pareo . A versatile accessory par excellence, it ties around the waist or behind the neck, depending on whether you wear it as a dress or a skirt.

Embellished with ruffled or gathered finishes for a romantic silhouette or more minimalist and high-cut for a daring and uninhibited sensuality: ICONE two-piece swimsuits are created by women, for all women.

Discover the entire swim collection here .

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