Quel maillot de bain choisir pour les petites poitrines ?

Which swimsuit to choose for small breasts?

Since its creation, ICONE has celebrated women in all their forms and styles. Through its creations combining audacity and effortlessness, the house intends to establish women as icons, reconciling them with their femininity and their figure. “All its shapes” I told you… All of them, including small breasts . Fitted and flattering cuts , our swimsuits are available in different versions which are all opportunities for you to feel good about your body on the beach or around the pool during the summer period. And if you don't find your favorite swimsuit today, come back in a few days: the house likes to surprise women and renews its collections based on its inspirations. Now for our style tips to find the ideal swimsuit for your small chest .

The different swimsuits for small breasts

At ICONE , there is never a question of aesthetic ideals. The designer makes it a point of honor to address all women, to THE woman in all her diversity and splendor. It's a fact, many women with small chests feel self-conscious. Our goal? Offering you swimsuit models that will enhance your silhouette and allow you to show off your best approach on the coast.

Do you know your size?

The first step towards purchasing a swimsuit for small chests is to know your cup size and your chest measurement, especially since these fluctuate according to the seasons, weight gain and loss or even according to the period of your menstrual cycle.

Did you know ? Only two centimeters separate an A cup from a B cup and a B cup from a C cup.

Ideally, we therefore advise you to bring a tape measure and follow these three steps:

Measure your chest size

Stand up straight and place the tape around your chest, sliding it under the armpits and over the shoulder blades. The measuring tape should fit perfectly, neither too loose nor too tight.

Measure the underside of your chest

Pass the tape under your chest at the bra underwire and slide it around your back. Take a table showing the equivalent of the underbust size in band length.

Get your cup size

Once you have the measurements, all you have to do is head to our size guide to get your cup size.

Buying a swimsuit when you have a small chest shouldn't be tedious, which is why our site provides you with a simple and fun online test that will allow you to know your size in record time.

Do you have any doubts? We would be happy to help you via our online chat.

Let's now move on to the cut of the ideal swimsuit for small breasts, which will enhance your silhouette with elegance.

The essential triangle swimsuit, ideal for small breasts

The triangle swimsuit is distinguished by its light and adjustable cups thanks to the sliding ties which naturally follow the curve of the breasts. At ICONE, none of our models are padded. Our wish? May all women be able to fully embrace themselves, as they are..

Through our creations, our Parisian house praises the naturally free woman of her movements. This type of swimsuit is worn as a second skin and allows women to show off an uninhibited look. ICONE triangle swimsuits were designed as an extension of the female body. Very comfortable, they sit on the skin like a caress.

Small chest swimsuit: try the bandeau

Far from preconceived ideas, the bandeau swimsuit is ideal for enhancing small chests . Its sleek design frees up the shoulders and, as an undeniable plus: it guarantees an even tan.

The one-piece swimsuit: a sure value!

It is the essential swimsuit for small breasts and ICONE offers it in a wide variety of cuts and versions. Small breasts can wear anything, dare anything. Make your small chest your main charming asset. Opt for a one-piece swimsuit with a pretty neckline for a light, effortless silhouette that only ICONE has the secret to.

The many variations of small chest swimsuits

You will feel radiant and seductive in a swimsuit that seduces you. Which bathroom finishes will catch your attention.

A swimsuit with voluminous finishes

What do we mean by voluminous finishes? The ruffles and frills give an illusion of curves and volume. They come alive with your movements and energize the silhouette. Small chest swimsuits with details such as bows or fringes will add an extra touch of glamor and femininity. The Parisian designer likes to play with materials and textures to give her creations a remarkable visual effect. Ribbed materials, swimsuits made in a French jacquard or embellished with French embroidery... are all charming assets that will allow you to stand out.

Prints, prints and more prints

Give free rein to your audacity and dare to use prints! Striped, gingham, geometric patterns... Are the allies of modern women.

Be bright in color!

Bright, bright colors bring joy to everyday life and illuminate the silhouette. Dare to use vibrant shades such as yellow, pink, coral, turquoise... which attract the sun's rays and enhance the complexion.

Swimsuits without underwire, ideal for small chests

Small cups are lucky enough to be able to do without underwire! A swimsuit without underwire gives you real freedom in your movements. Bandeau swimsuit, triangle swimsuit, bralette swimsuit or one-piece, there are many variations of swimsuits without underwire that will enhance your figure.

And for the most daring among you?

What if you made your small chest your greatest charming asset? This summer is the time to embrace your figure. You couldn't have chosen better because ICONE creations have been specially designed to free the silhouette and hug your curves for an irresistible second skin effect.

Swimsuit cuts for all body types!

There is no more important advice than to love yourself as you are. Opting for a swimsuit suited to your body shape is one thing, but gaining confidence in yourself is another, helping you feel beautiful and strong in a swimsuit is the goal we are pursuing.

Which swimsuit for which body type?

Your chest alone does not define your figure and neither your body shape nor any pseudo social code should prevent you from wearing what you want. It is by opting for a model that you like that you will feel beautiful and confident. However, here are some additional keys to choosing the ideal swimsuit.

You have a figure 8 body shape

Your figure 8 shape is when your shoulders and hips are aligned and your waist is defined. Your best ally this summer will be high-waisted panties that emphasize the waist. For fans of one-piece swimsuits, opt for a belted model that will enhance your curves. Triangle swimsuits, bandeaus, balconette tops and bralettes will balance out your figure.

You have an A-shaped body shape

Your hips are wider than your shoulders. To highlight your hips, opt for a side-tie bikini. If necessary, high-waisted briefs will spice up your look with an ultra-trendy seventies touch. For the top, choose covering models like strapless bandeaus. Are you a fan of triangle cuts? Bet on colorful or printed models!

You have an H-shaped body shape

Your hips and shoulders are perfectly aligned. To enhance your curves and highlight them, adopt a triangle model or a strappy headband to harmonize the silhouette.

At ICONE, women are sacred, regardless of their curves. The Parisian house's commitment is to offer pieces adapted to all its icons. High-cut swimsuits to lengthen the silhouette and refine the shape of the legs, swimsuits for small chests or other pieces that will enhance fuller curves. Constantly renewed and reinvented, the ICONE swimwear and ready-to-wear lines are designed by women and for women.

No more avoidance strategies to hide your body

Did you know ? 84% of women carry sarongs or other displays in their suitcases to camouflage the curves they consider unsightly… Compared to 48% of men.

The swimsuit must above all and above all correspond to your tastes and highlight your identity, despite the influences of magazines, new trends that punctuate the seasons and the potential judgment of others.

If you think that swimsuits only highlight your flaws, it's quite the opposite. The cuts, materials and models designed by ICONE have been entirely designed to highlight your assets.

What if you focused on what you like most about yourself?

Becoming an ICON woman means becoming your own myth by wearing pieces that simply reveal your natural beauty and allow you to evolve without hindrance or complexes. Proudly wear your small chest swimsuit and… Shine!
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