Homewear comfort: cupro, organic cotton, tencel...

Homewear clothing lines refer to garments designed to be worn at home. These pieces are created with the aim of offering maximum comfort. They are often recognized for their softness, lightness, and comfort.

Today, the "homewear" style has spread to the point where it is worn on the streets of major cities. It is no longer just pajamas but truly an essential part of our wardrobes. New designers are setting trends by showcasing extraordinary homewear clothing on fashion runways. As the years go by, fashion becomes more democratized, with designers now striving to combine comfort and elegance in stunning pieces.

ICONE offers homewear sets every year, both for the winter and summer seasons. Our creative teams imagine, design, and develop these homewear lines in our Parisian atelier. These original pieces use innovative materials to enhance your wardrobe throughout the year.

From the iconic striped pajamas and nightgowns to romantic silk sets, discover the high-quality materials used to perfect your comfort both indoors and outdoors with homewear pieces.

Choosing Homewear Pieces Based on Their Materials

To be free in our movements, the most commonly used materials for making homewear clothing have a very soft touch and are quite elastic. Each texture, each fiber, is a promise of comfort and elegance. Natural materials envelop the body while allowing the skin to breathe and live. They also regulate temperature, keeping you cool on hot days and providing warmth on cool evenings.

These fabrics have become symbols of elegance and well-being, to be worn at home and beyond...


Cupro is a fiber produced from cotton cellulose. It is often compared to vegetable silk. Garments made from this material are fluid and very soft to the touch, which is why it is frequently used in the creation of indoor clothing.

Organic Cotton

Widely used in many of our lines, organic cotton is a frequently used fabric in the world of homewear. But what difference can you feel compared to non-organic cotton?

Organic cotton in homewear clothing offers many benefits for the skin. Firstly, being grown without pesticides or herbicides, it contains fewer potentially irritating chemical residues that could be found on conventional cotton fibers. This is essential for people with sensitive or allergy-prone skin. No one wants to be irritated by their own pajamas...

Additionally, organic cotton is often more breathable and absorbent than conventional cotton, helping to regulate body temperature and keep the skin dry and comfortable.


Tencel, also known as lyocell, is an environmentally friendly fabric made from wood pulp and a non-toxic solvent.

Its manufacturing process, unlike that of cotton, requires very little water, thus saving a precious resource. Another significant advantage lies in the process of turning tencel into fabric. The non-toxic solvent used is almost entirely recovered, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

At ICONE, we also use tencel for its durability, strength, and to offer pieces that let the skin breathe. Often referred to as "vegetable silk", its silky properties provide an exceptional feeling of softness, perfect for homewear lines.


Viscose is an artificial fiber known for its softness, lightness, and ability to mimic the look and feel of natural silk, closely resembling tencel. It is made from cellulose derived from natural sources such as wood or bamboo.

Viscose is appreciated for its breathability, moisture absorption, and comfort, making it a must-have for casual and lightweight clothing!

The ICONE teams are constantly seeking innovations in material selection to offer you exceptional pieces. You will find ultra-comfortable homewear pieces in environmentally friendly fabrics such as tencel, organic cotton, cupro, and many others in our lines.

From material selection to small finishes, nothing is left to chance at ICONE.

To keep your homewear pieces in tencel, cupro, or organic cotton in perfect condition over the long term, we recommend monitoring their care. It is advised to wash them at a medium-low temperature (around 30°C).

Current homewear trends: how to wear it ? Why buy it ?

As mentioned earlier, homewear is increasingly present in contemporary fashion. It has recently become the perfect fusion of comfort and elegance.

But what are the real trends in the world of homewear? How to wear them to stand out?

First of all, the choice of material in homewear is very important; poor-quality fabric will be immediately noticeable!

Fashion designers favor pieces made from noble materials such as cashmere, linen, organic cotton, or silk in their shows. These fabrics are not only breathable and pleasant on the skin, but they are also associated with royalty and expensive materials of the past, guaranteeing you a very sophisticated look.

In terms of design, designers highlight coordinated sets (usually pants and shirts) as well as individual pieces that can be mixed and matched according to our desires. From playful patterns and vintage inspirations to vibrant colors, there is something for everyone.

Homewear pieces in sober colors are also at the heart of collections, following the trend of "homewear outdoors."

In addition to offering unparalleled comfort at home, these versatile homewear pieces can also be worn outside for casual occasions, making them quite a worthwhile fashion investment!

Recently, we have noticed a rise in the popularity of shorts and pants made from lightweight fabrics.

While homewear remains comfortable and breathable for home use, their design now also adapts to summer outings.

The most used colors in homewear remain blue, white, and pink. However, more and more models are available in nude shades such as pale pink, gray, beige, ecru, or brown, to blend them with outdoor clothing.

To adopt homewear trends with style, mixing pieces is highly recommended to create a unique look! Pairing pajama bottoms with a blazer and heels, for example, is highly appreciated for a chic casual look!

The ICONE Homewear Collection

In a world where comfort and elegance meet, homewear is at the heart of fashion today, from prestigious runways to your own daily wardrobe.

Homewear clothing is not just about being trendy; it embodies comfort, freedom of movement, and an almost enveloping sensation, like a second skin. The choice of materials used for these lines to achieve this effect is therefore crucial.

At ICONE, each homewear piece is designed with care and innovation, respecting the environment and everyone's well-being.

By investing in ethical brands and sustainable materials, you contribute to promoting responsible production practices while staying at the forefront of fashion.

So, why not succumb to the comfort and elegance of homewear today? We invite you to take a look at our website and discover our homewear collection.

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