The capricciosa

Capri, alone symbolizes the idea that we have of the Dolce Vita. The Villa Malaprate of Jean-Luc Godard's "Contempt", the Faraglioni cliffs overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, the colorful houses that climb the bay.

For decades, the island has attracted a pretty summer fauna. Crowned heads, jet-setters, famous writers, fashion designers, Hollywood stars. Everyone agrees that the island is of unparalleled beauty.

With its unfailing photogeny, it is here that we wanted to immortalize this new collection.

Pilar, our muse
in Capri

Boat trip, swimming in front of the mythical faraglionis, spaghetti alle vongole at Da Luiggi ! A few negronis on the terrace, and strolls in the streets of Capri. Here is our icon's program for the next few days.

The topic : the capricciosa

Here is what we wanted to capture through our photos and films: a whimsical, nonconforming, extravagant, exuberant, unpredictable woman, who decides on a whim to leave, who follows her desires, her whims. She leads the life she wants, without concessions without consequence and tells herself that tomorrow will be another day.

The island has been a great source of inspiration for us since the beginning of this collection, both for what it represents culturally and visually.

A singular aestheticism, excess with good taste, a nostalgia that has remained for the 60s and landscapes worthy of an odyssey that make you want to try your hand at philosophy.


This loungewear set combines cotton poplin and English embroidery.


This striped shirt can be worn as day wear or pajamas, matched or mismatched.


This linen blend set is composed of a top with a high neckline and a slit skirt.


Available in 2 prints, these pareos can be worn as a dress, tied around the chest or just wrapped around the waist.


This is THE ideal dress for going out for the bath.


This rib-knit summer dress features a cropped, fitted cut.


This kimono covering the shoulders can be worn open or tied at the waist with a small cord.


This top is made in a super comfortable stretch rib knit.


Made in a terry cloth, this ultra-comfortable set is worked with a piping effect and cords.


This ultra-soft terry towel is structured by its graphic lines. Available in blue and green colors.


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